Friday, September 7, 2012

What Makes ReciProty so Different?

There is no doubt that social media marketing is “where it’s at” and “it’s here to stay”.
But do you know that when you post a promotion for your business on social networking forums it usually does not reach all of your fans?


You know from experience that your social network wall fills up rather quickly with hundreds of friends posting everyday – sometimes several times a day! How long have you had to scroll down your feed before finding something that you actually wanted to read?

That’s where ReciProty is different

Many of us have heard the term that “personal is personal” and “business is business”. On ReciProty posts are separated and related to resourceful personal and business information. The Neighborhood and Business sections both include walls on which to post your resources, comments, requests, and information. There is also an Everyday Discount section for daily deals or special offers and a Member Directory section for maximum local exposure.

Members can connect to you on “the big four”—

“My Neighborhood”
“Networking Members” 
“Everyday Discounts” 
“Member Directory”

This way, members can go directly to the section for which they seek information or resources as opposed to everything being posted onto one wall increasing the possibility of it being overlooked. Members can comment, ask questions, message; call, link, and/or even meet locally.

That’s Not All –
Not only can you share your resources with your entire ReciProty local community, you can also share them on your social networking sites.

Now THAT’S a Lot of Exposure! 

Here’s another thing that sets ReciProty apart—

Once you are a member of your ReciProty local community – you have the opportunity to:

  • Advertise your business for free 
  • Generate leads 
  • Increase your sales and 
  • Connect to local customers 
ReciProty provides a place where members do not have to scramble and search endlessly for the local resources and support they need. Members can support one another, their local businesses, and non-profit organizations online or locally, 24/7.

 It’s neighbor helping neighbor –even better than the good ol’ days.

Opportunities are Endless –

You can help yourself by helping others and by spreading ReciProty’s purpose. Once ReciProty builds in your local area, you can connect to people in minutes that have accumulated years of experience in their specialized fields. We are all in need now and then. Just think of the time that you will be able to save by connecting instantly to trusted relationships, reliable referrals, and local resources.

That’s what’s happening on ReciProty &

THAT’S what makes us different.

ReciProty  is your online local community! Join today and get connected. It’s Free!

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