Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Place to Shop

Noisy Crowded Mall vs. Quiet Corner Shop

Wouldn’t you agree that the web has become such a massive storehouse of information that it is becoming more and more challenging to know how to search, let alone where to search, for the specific information you seek.
When you type in a keyword for what you are searching for the search engines bring up literally millions of pages. For instance I just typed in the keywords “appliance repair” and Google gave me a mere 33,300,000 results to search through…

…that’s going to take a while!

I’m sure you agree that the “E-Mall” is becoming more and more crowded. Wouldn’t it be less time consuming and more convenient to simply visit a small quiet corner “E-Shop” to find exactly what you need from sources you can trust? 

ReciProty is such a place.

ReciProty is a website that was designed to downsize an oversized web so members can recapture the “pre-net” era when seeking information, help, advice and referrals, was as quick and simple as asking a trusted neighbor. is your “e-neighborhood” on the worldwide web where neighbors are sharing information, lending support, giving referrals, and businesses are networking, growing, and offering special deals and discounts on their products or services, 24/7/365.

By sharing and offering their own wares and expertise; announcing events, arranging online or offline meet ups to pursue personal or professional networking, ReciProty’s members are utilizing modern technology to bring back old-fashioned community support.

So if you’re looking for a quicker user-friendly alternative to shopping the vast “e-mall” whenever you need to find something - stop on by ReciProty
We’ll even say…

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