Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping it Free - Keeping it Easy - Keeping it Local

Keeping it Free Keeping it Easy Keeping it Local

Let’s face it – we all have needs, both personal and professional. 

In my experience I have learned not to mix them.  One or the other will suffer creating an imbalance in both of these essential areas. 

That’s one reason I created ReciProty - a new website, where personal and business needs are connected to the appropriate resources that will help and improve them both.
ReciProty is designed to:
ReciProty goes even further by extricating local resources from the impossible-to-sift-through resources on the World Wide Web and routes them to the applicable wall on ReciProty:

By organizing information and resources into separate walls for personal and business needs, finding what you or your customers are searching for just got easier and much less time consuming.

Since all the resources on ReciProty are posted by local businesses and  individuals, members are networking, shopping, sharing resources and events - all within their local communities, creating a positive impact on the social and economic growth of the communities in which they live.  

Local businesses owners know their community members and cater to their specific tastes and needs maintaining the community’s unique character and flavor. That’s what makes ReciProty’s innovative contribution to the web so necessary for communities filled with detached national chains that often steal away dollars that would otherwise be spent in and benefit the local economy.

ReciProty provides the way for productive and professional mutual exchange of local information, products, and services.

Right now, ReciProty’s members are giving and receiving support in thousands of personal & professional categories, networking with other members who are promoting and displaying their services or organizations and even benefitting from free web exposure. 

Once you join you can link to your own website. No a website?  Simply add your contact information on your ReciProty profile. By having a profile on ReciProty, you are already on a website with over 500 members and counting, at no cost to you! 

Take a few minutes now and create your business or personal profile on ReciProty. It’s local and it’s FREE!

Get Organized •Get Connected •Get Going


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