Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ReciProty is Completely Controlled by You!

ReciProty is Completely Controlled by You!
ReciProty is here for you right now. What is ReciProty? It is a new and unique website that provides everything for you to stay connected to your community. When individuals and businesses thrive, your community thrives. Businesses use ReciProty to promote their business locally and to connect to new and existing customers. Neighbors use ReciProty to stay connected to neighbors and offer and/or access support when in need. Business professionals use ReciProty to generate leads and share trusted referrals. It’s all about building trusted relationships; which is the best recipe for thriving communities.
With ReciProty, you can make a real difference within your own community, get to know your neighbors, share resources, build a network of support for yourself and loved ones and support your community members and causes. Aren’t you tired of the alternative? Searching endlessly on the web for resources, scrambling to find economical ways to market your product or service, and connecting to unfamiliar sources. Social networking sites offer downtime, which can be enjoyable, some offer individualized and specific groups, others offer networking opportunities to connect to other members across the web, which in most cases, they never meet or do business in person. When in need, ReciProty offers local, productive networking with all members of your community to get the support and resources you need instantly. Change is good if it benefits others; ReciProty offers a change to benefit all people.
ReciProty is the gathering place for trusted members of your community to share, link to, communicate with, and support each other, whether it is online or in person. It is up to each member to decide how much they want to communicate and participate with other members. Some members may just want to create a profile to access community information and events posted on ReciProtys networking wall. Others may be more social, and communicate with members frequently, even meeting with them in person in order to develop a trusted relationship. It is up to you if you want to utilize all of the opportunities ReciProty offers.
Reciprocate with ReciProty! Share resources and ideas with local members, invite your friends, share ideas, network with others, post discounts to connect to customers, and support your community. ReciProty is right at your fingertips. All day, any day; ReciProty is the right place at the right time; when you need it most. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Website to Help You Succeed Personally and Professionally

It is Now Up to You Where You Take It!

ReciProty is growing! We are so happy to have so many members as part of ReciProty’s team. If you have not yet created your personal, professional, or organizational profile, we encourage you to do so. Your profile is what connects you to your community to generate the support and opportunities that are available to you.

With a Professional Profile You Can:

√        Connect to Trusted Relationships
√        Join or Create Local Networking Groups
√        Generate Leads and Share Referrals 24/7
√        Connect to New and Existing Customers
√        Share Business Resources and Stay Informed
√        Communicate Privately with Other Members
√        Advertise and Promote Your Business Instantly
√        Post Questions and Connect to the Resources You Need

With a Neighborhood Profile You Can:

√        Share and Announce All Local Events
√        Network with Members You Trust
√        Access and Offer Support in 1000+ Categories
√        Access Support for Loved Ones Across the Miles
√        Connect to Community Members for Support
√        Support Non-Profit Organizations & Their Causes

With an Organizational Profile You Can:

√        Gain Instant Access to All Local Discounts
√        Share Discounts with Family and Friends
√        Post Discounts on Your Products & Services
√        Connect to New and Existing Customers
√        Donate to Non-Profits to Support Their Causes

It is time for a new way to support one another and ReciProty is taking community support, business networking, and marketing to the next level! Join today and learn how ReciProty can work for you or your company. We look forward to supporting your needs and accelerating your business exposure on www.reciproty.com.

Our Best to You,

ReciProty’s Team