Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are We Overwhelmed Yet?

Are We Overwhelmed Yet?
It’s our most precious resource - a resource that all of us could use more of but seem to have the least of. I think everyone can relate to the hectic daily cycle that saps our time and energy:
We live in a fast paced society and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing - nor does your life.  And I won’t even bring up life’s little “surprises” it often throws in our path. It’s no wonder we often feel overwhelmed! 
Whether you’re in need or just feeling overwhelmed  we could all use some relief, strength, support, companionship; preferably from someone we can trust and who can relate to our common needs.
Friends and family don’t always have the time or resources to spare.  Some of us can turn to our church or community for assistance, but often there is still not enough support or the kind of unique support we seek.
That’s why there’s – ReciProty
ReciProty’s goal is to be your “go-to” site for relief and resources by bringing back that old-fashioned personal and business support system which seems to be falling through the cracks in the massive information highway. We are daily harnessing the bountiful resources on that crowded highway and directing all the local resources right to your desk top.
How do we do it?
Right now, ReciProty’s members are doing it by…
ReciProty is providing the tools and the means to create a strong and vibrant support system.  But it’s the members who create the synergy by which the support system grows flourishes and continues. The more members ReciProty has the more resources and support ReciProty can offer. And, hopefully…the fewer overwhelmed people there will be.
Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed? Join ReciProty today - it’s time, it’s free, it’s ReciProty.

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