Thursday, November 1, 2012   Bringing Back America 

Making Mission Impossible: Possible
ReciProty’s mission is to re-establish America’s old-fashioned community support system which many of us used to know and the rest need to know. To that end, we distinguish between personal needs and business resources enabling our members to quickly and easily find the support they need from reciprocating members in either category. Members are equipped to locally access global resources and because it provides trusted connections, they are able to obtain help not only for themselves but for friends and loved ones living locally or out-of-state.

Market & Network Effectively
ReciProty offers a pioneering way to market and network efficiently. You can create two separate profiles: With your personal profile you have the ability to announce relevant events or access the requests of local members and non-profit organizations. With your professional profile, you are equipped to advertise your business, free-of-charge, network with local business members, in addition to connecting with local, online, or remote customers. What’s more, members can call, message, and link online or offline with other members to promote their business, share resources and refer services of trusted contacts.

Grow Your Business Now

Right now, ReciProty offers you this unprecedented opportunity to grow your business by reaching 100% of your customers 100% of the time - quickly and effectively. It’s exciting to see members supporting each other thereby, strengthening themselves, their community and ultimately – America. We appreciate the opportunity to promote your business, services or non-profit organization. That’s what community is all about! And like good old-fashioned community support – is FREE!

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