Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday savings everyday!

 Black Friday”: Not Just One day a Year
We are all painfully aware that economic conditions impact all businesses, and that small businesses feel the impact of economic changes much quicker than their larger counterparts. 
As you know, and maybe are experiencing right now, a downward economic cycle can have a severe and lasting impact on your business.

The Economic "Snowball Effect"
No doubt your small business is facing a number of challenges during the current economic slowdown.
Let’s face it, marketing, in itself, is expensive. Many small business owners and service providers like you are scrambling to find less costly ways to market their wares and themselves to as many local customers as they can with as little expense as they can.

Maybe you're one of the small businesses owners who have been forced to downsize. Downsizing contributes to the unemployment rate. High unemployment slows the economy...a snowball in the making.
Probably the majority of your customers are concerned about their jobs so are more likely to be cautious with their spending, leading to decreased revenue for your small business....and we have the slushy economies snowball effect on your business. to the Rescue!
It’s in economic times like this that opportunities, resources and support are invaluable to:
·         Small business owners
·         Service providers
·         Entrepreneurs
·         Independent consultants
·         Self-employed and even
·         Non-profit organizations
ReciProty was developed specifically to help prevent your business from getting snowed under by this snowballing economy. Here is just one way ReciProty can help you and your business…
Economy Meets ReciProty’s Everyday Discount Section
By utilizing ReciProty’s Everyday Discount section you can ease your customer’s anxieties about spending by offering them promotions, specials and/or discounts on their favorite goods and services.
 If enough of us business owners band together on ReciProty we can literally reverse the economy’s effect on local businesses and strengthen our communities while we're at it! 
But Wait...It Gets Better
ReciProty’s Everyday Discount section is based on a first come – first served basis. Discount percentages can range from 1% to 100%. Deep discounts greater than 50% are considered Red Hot
This is really cool!  ReciProty offers a countdown feature that displays the specific time left to purchase. This feature can be thrilling for aggressive purchasers and here is where it is “Black Friday” every day. 
Your new and existing customers are able to link to your site for instant purchases, call for more information, and since discounts are local; they can stop by your place of business to take advantage of your discounts using their data phone. 
And it just keeps getting better!
If you already have an organizational profile set up, you can post your promotions, specials, and/or discounts right now by simply clicking on the Everyday Discounts tab then click the Submit Discount button in the left column and, voila…

The snowball effected - reversed! ALL local customers within a 500 mile radius are aware that you have discounts to offer. They can then purchase your product and service instantly and even promote your discount to all of their family, friends and colleagues who can then promote it to their family, friends and colleagues and even their connections on Facebook and Twitter. 
Customers save - They spread the word - Your business grows!
Something for every business -
When a non-profit creates an organizational profile, once approved, their organization will be placed on ReciProty’s non-profit donation list. This gives service or retail providers the opportunity to donate a certain percentage of the sale to a non-profit of the purchaser’s choice. Retailers and businesses also have the option to donate a percentage of the sale to a non-profit that they have on record.  I LOVE that!

If you haven’t created an organizational profile, simply register and click on the Everyday Discount section to get started - It’s that easy!

ReciProty offers an extremely organized and convenient new shopping experience. This purchasing and referral process benefits the purchaser, consumer, service provider, and retailer, while supporting non-profit organizations and your community, which ultimately supports you!

Reciproty - where Black Friday comes more than once a year here!

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