Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Can Now Create "Black Friday" Everyday

ReciProty offers so many opportunities. What if you can create “Black Friday” Every day for your customers, think of the profit for your business! Most of the funds generated are also kept within your community. I’m writing to you to let you know that since ReciProty’s Everyday Discount section is based on a first come, first serve basis, ReciProty has made "Black Friday" every day, possible. You probably know “Black Friday” is the biggest money making day of the year for businesses. According to The National Retail Federation, on Black Friday last year the average shopper spent: $398.62 each, with the total revenue, on November 24, 2011 alone, being $52.5billion!

By being a member of ReciProty, every day can be like “Black Friday” for you and your customers. In these economic times, businesses are trying to find ways to survive and customers are looking for ways to conserve. When you post a discount on ReciProty, members can call, walk-in, or link to your discount or special offer allowing them to simply print a coupon, voucher, gift certificate and/or purchase your product and/or service on-the-spot.

Did I say service? Yes –  if you are an electrician, web designer, plumber, arborist, printer, baker, etc., you can post your discounts on ReciProty. Restaurant owners can offer two-for-one discounts and announce happy hour or a percentage off a meal. Retailers can offer discounts on their products and services. Your local customers can also just walk-in with their data phone to make their purchases. And that’s not all! The Everyday Discount section is completely controlled by you. No second or third party to pay, unless you want to.

When a non-profit creates an organizational profile, once approved, their organization will be place on ReciProty’s non-profit donations list. This gives service or retail providers the option to donate a certain percentage of the sale to the purchaser’s non-profit choice, even their church congregation! Retailers and businesses also have the option to donate a percentage of the sale to a non-profit that they already have on record. If your non-profit organization is in need of donations, please tell them to create an organizational profile on Reciproty!

This purchasing and referral process benefits everyone - the purchaser, consumer, service provider, and retailer - while at the same time supporting community growth and development. Members can also share your discounts with their family members, friends, and colleagues.  Please spread the word that on ReciProty we can have “Black Friday” discounts every day. Remember, it is first come, first serve - so don’t wait!
When individuals thrive, businesses thrive and when businesses thrive - communities thrive! 

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