Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Way to Network!

 Successful networking involves the bringing together of individuals who, through trusted relationships...

...become Human Advertisements for each another...
( this guy) 

When people with common goals network together – all parties benefit

Networking can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.  It is up to you to decide what avenues you want to pursue when looking for networking resources.  Start by understanding your goals - then stick with groups that are going in the same direction.

Not all networking groups were created equal, and not all are focused on the same things, so be sure to visit various types of groups.

It is important for you to stick with groups that share a common interest. A great way to maximize your networking opportunities is to volunteer within your group to stay visible and to give back to the people who have helped you.

For some, attending groups in various locations within the community is preferable to accessing groups on the web. Whatever your preference, it is good to explore both types of opportunities.

Reciprocating within your group is crucial for the group’s strength and ultimate success

A great place to start with your networking endeavors is: ReciProty.  ReciProty is a new and innovative website that provides a starting point for groups to organize and manage themselves.

With ReciProty, anyone can create a group that operates as the center of operations for meetings either online or in person. People in your community are starting, managing, and networking within successful groups right now on

If you see the value of networking and the power of teamwork in action, ReciProty is for you.
It’s local, it’s effective and it’s FREE.

ReciProty…definitely worth checking out!

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