Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There's Got to Be a Better Way!

                                                      There’s Got to Be a Better Way!
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Tell me if you can relate; I’ve been online for hours now, searching endlessly for that one thing that will make my day a whole lot easier.

Today I’m looking for an electrician - but not just any electrician; a skilled technician who:

  • Knows how to work on turn-of-the-century electrical systems
  • Is affordable 
  • Takes checks
  • Is willing to travel outside city limits  

What website ad is going to provide me with all of the details I’m looking for?

Don’t get me wrong, there are sites out there that come close, but certainly not close enough for me to know if I can really trust them. It would help if they would include objective ratings of their services.

And as luck would have it, the service providers that sound perfect are out of my area or out of my price range.

What I need is an all-in-one reliable resource to turn to at times like this. I don’t have the time or patience to go through such a time consuming search every time I need help; especially when it’s an emergency situation!
Ah, I miss the good old days when we all knew who we could trust and the service providers willingly and openly shared their information with a “how can I be of help?” attitude.

Remember when neighbors and communities used to be able to turn to each other whenever a need arose? Nowadays, everyone is crazy busy, and our communities have grown so much that people just can’t take the time or go the distance to get to know each other enough to build the trusted relationships we all wish we had.

Look at this - I cannot believe I’ve been on my computer for this many hours already!
Wait…what’s this? Re-ci-Proty…”Networking…My Neighborhood…Resource Exchange”.  Hmm, might be just what I’m looking for. Looks easy enough to join. Why not?

Wow! Why didn’t I find this site first? My search could have ended before it started. I’m finding people in my own neighborhood and community who are here for each other - here for me!

Group of smiling business peopleLooks like people are on here sharing referrals and resources they trust, even rating the services and businesses in my local area! Looks like the good old days of people helping people are making a 21st century come-back! Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

It looks like ReciProty has thought of everything! It has brought my own neighborhood right to my doorstep. What’s more, it provides a place for me to build my own support system so I can get the support I need when I need it.  Plus, I can designate the kind of support I can provide others on the “My Neighborhood” page. This is amazing! This is community!

Think of all that time wasted searching the web - time that can now be spent on better things; such as helping someone else like I’ve just been helped on I like that!

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