Monday, October 8, 2012

The Best of Both Worlds

* The Best of Both Worlds
Not long ago social networking was a new and exciting means of keeping up on the latest goings on of friends and family - people sharing and communicating on a personal level – a great idea.  Then along came a much needed professional networking forum to add business networking to the vanguard – also a great idea!
For the good that it’s doing that business networking site has a lot of features that no one uses. And a lot of the information and status updates on your social networking sites aren’t even relevant to you.
Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if the two were to merge – personal networking and professional networking - on one site! It would be the best of both worlds.
Guess what - It exists!

It’s been the best kept secret since its conception in 2008 and now the secret is out and it’s spreading. ReciProty is that online world that innovatively combines social networking with business networking.
It is a new one-of-a-kind site taking networking to the next level.

How did you do that?

Take a look at how ReciProty’s networking walls are divided:
ReciProty has two separate networking walls on one site on which to post either:
      Personal comments or needs:  My Neighborhood
*      Professional for promoting your business while reaching customers: Networking Members   
ReciProty has even added a wall for you to promote your business by:
*      Offering discounts and specials:  Everyday Discounts
And to make it easier for you to find the person or services you seek, ReciProty has a
*      Member Directory where you can find and connect with other members and rate and review businesses or services.
But wait…You’re concerned that it will be just one more site you have to maintain daily post to and interact on or get booted.
 ReciProty has eliminated all of these unnecessary time consuming expectations. With our convenient messaging system you will be notified by email, when you’ve received a request for service, a rating or a message from a customer, or other member. The only time you need to visit is if you want to:
·         Find resources for yourself, a friend or family member 
·         You want to announce a personal or business event
·         You want to post a discount or run a special
·         Refer a business
·         Rate a business
·         Or just chat

      Don’t worry.  ReciProty won’t keep tabs on your activity. It’s YOUR little corner of the World Wide Web for your personal and professional growth and promotion – besides you can link to your own website and other social networking sites whenever you post to ReciProty!
 Use it as much as you like or as little as you like. It’s completely controlled by you. But keep in mind, since we’re all at different places in our lives at different times in our lives, ReciProty was created for members to find or offer help to each other. We like to think of it as your online community.     

ReciProty bridges the gap between needs and resources whether personal or professional making it easier and quicker to get to your destination – personal and professional satisfaction and success with lots of support along the way

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