Saturday, December 22, 2012

Network Like Never Before Now offers a New and Effective Way to Attract & Keep Customers!

(It’s all about Reciprocating)

Could you use over 800 new customers right about now? That's the number of members on wanting your product and services who have products and services of their own waiting for you! It's new - it's FREE - it's reciprocating business and it's working!

The more WE grow - the more YOU grow!

ReciProty is growing every day because our members recognize its value and are spreading the word. You can join them by offering this cost free opportunity to family members, friends and colleagues. All they need to do is create a profile.

Spread the word that with ReciProty they can:

  • Advertise their business for free
  • Increase sales
  • Support non-profits and their causes
  • Get support for a loved one even in another state
  • Create or join local networking groups
  • Increase leads and referrals from each other
  • Track leads and referrals in one place
  • Be found instantly when searched for
  • Learn within minutes what it takes others years to learn
  • Post discounts, promotion and specials to connect to new & existing customers
  • Share and gain access to local events, networking functions and community info

By Joining ReciProty you are joining one of the largest local personal and business support networks on the web! Network like never before to get the support, resources, business networking and marketing opportunities that most people only dream of!

A Little About Us: 
ReciProty® was complete in March of 2012 yet has already received the Stevie® International Women in Business Bronze trophy for the Website of the Year category. We have also been recognized as a Business Trendsetter by Evolution Magazine and have been featured on the home page of

Free Marketing Exposure for YOU!
The president of Evolution magazine, Darnell Davis, has just appointed ReciProty as a Managing Editor! What does this mean to you? It means as an active and contributing member of your community and YOU can submit YOUR story to Then, each month a new ReciProty member will be selected to be featured as a Business Trendsetter NATIONALLY by 

Now THAT is Priceless Marketing Exposure!

In Case You Were Wondering...
ReciProty is a new and unique community website that re-establishes the community support system of yesteryear with a 21st century twist. By organizing and sharing global resources on a local level, ReciProty is taking Community Support, Business Networking, Business Resources, and Online Marketing opportunities to the next level.

We look forward to the opportunity to network with you and connect you to the vital resources you need to accelerate your business exposure and web presence. With a little teamwork combined with our uniquely organized informational system, we all profit by saving time and sharing resources.

To check out the site, please visit:
The site’s progress can also be followed on:
YouTube: ReciProty Vid

Wondering About Evolution Magazine?
Evolution Magazine is a business and industry resource for all from start-up business owners to CEO’s. Evolution helps navigate and prepare for growth through in-depth content on leadership and management, technology, finance, sales and marketing, human resources and communications.

Evolution Magazine is distributed through recognized business associations, organizations and the newsstand, Evolution is focused on becoming the relevant voice for business leaders who see value within our community. Sections that include education, networking, research, resource information and know-how will entice readers to come back and empower readers to build business within the Lehigh Valley and beyond.
To check out their site, visit:
Also, consider liking Evolution Magazine on:

ReciProty would like to thank you for your attention, leads and referrals throughout 2012. It’s been our privilege to know and grow with you ~ Happy Holidays!

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